EGR Removed

This week I removed the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) and fabricated two blocking plates. Apparently it should increase the fuel economy, reduces the wear in the engine and eliminates one possible reason of any black smoke issues (knock on wood, we don’t have them yet)
Wikipedia has also something interesting to say about this modification:

EGR deletion in diesel engines is considered justifiable by a wide range of people, including the environmentally conscious. Although deleting the EGR system results in increased NOx level hydrocarbon emissions, Particulates, Carbon monoxide and Carbon dioxide are drastically reduced. Furthermore, EGR deletion results in an increase in fuel economy as high as 25%. Exhaust gas recirculated back into the cylinders adds wear-inducing contaminants and causes an increase engine oil acidity, which can result in an inefficient, poorly running engine. The increased level of soot also creates the need for diesel particulate filters to prevent environmental contamination.

A nice side effect is to have more space in the engine for future projects as well as the best spot (pre turbo) to mount a sensor for the Pyrometer gauge. The top blocking plate is out of 1/4 inch aluminum and the bottom plate is 1/4 inch solid steel, because it’s mounted on the hot engine block.
I also cleaned all disconnected pipes and fittings from 16 years exhaust soot.

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