Air Compressor

Air CompressorHaving a reliable source for compressed air was a necessary topic we need to solve. First, I air-down the tires when we go on 4×4 excursions for several reasons: Larger tire contact patch improves traction, way better ride quality over bumpy, rocky surfaces as well as washboards and in the end less risk of punctures from sharp objects. Second, fixing a flat tire doesn’t work without an compressor. Third, blowing out dust or pumping up a air-mattress is just so much easier.

Ultimately a system with an air tank would be the best, but our tires are not overly huge as well as time for airing them up is not an issue on a long road-trip. Also using air-tools is not necessary either.

In the end I went with an ARB CKMA12 high output air compressor* due it’s very compact size and power. If I decide to add differential lockers in the future, this compressor makes it easier as well as all the necessary wiring is included.

As for the installation location I chose the area right behind the fresh water system with a hose and a quick connect coming out below the water faucet in the back. To round up the equipment I also bought the ARB Air Compressor Pump-up Kit.* It contains the right length of a quality hose with the right connectors as well as everything you need to fill up your tires and other stuff.