Off-Road through the Paracas Desert

We had a great time going off the beaten path in Peru. One of our most favourite area was the Paracas National Reserve, South of Lima. An endless stretch of huge sand dunes and Limestone formation next to the ocean. Filled up with enough water, food and fuel, we drove around for days and absorbed the unreal landscape. Below a short video of what we experienced.

Off-Road in Central and South America

Every time you go off the trodden tourist track you can be sure to have some interesting and challenging surprises to manage. Specially if you travel by car through unknown territory and countries with poor infrastructure. Enjoy a short video of selected off-road scenes from our road trip through the Americas. After we explored a bone-dry desert in Peru, it is now time to go deep in the jungle of Central & South America and play in the mud.

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Dakar Rally

Dakar Rally – The ultimate off-road race

In light of recent events, I want to share a new photo gallery with you guys. On our trip through the America we had the opportunity to watch the Dakar Rally a couple times in Chile. A great event for every car, bike, truck and off-road enthusiast. The footage you see on TV doesn’t do justice to show how hard actually this race is. So watching it live was a fantastic experience we won’t forget anytime soon.

Enjoy the gallery with tons of photos.

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