Dakar Rally

Dakar Rally – The ultimate off-road race

In light of recent events, I want to share a new photo gallery with you guys. On our trip through the America we had the opportunity to watch the Dakar Rally a couple times in Chile. A great event for every car, bike, truck and off-road enthusiast. The footage you see on TV doesn’t do justice to show how hard actually this race is. So watching it live was a fantastic experience we won’t forget anytime soon.

Enjoy the gallery with tons of photos.

For Sale Sign

Time To Say Goodbye

After almost two years on the road, our trip through the Americas is coming slowly to an end. The near future is …

Door Holder

Hatch Door Holder

We knew, we are going to drive through some serious hot/humid environments, so coming up with a good plan for ventilation during …

Thank You!

After 1.5 years, hundreds of hours, many many late nights and a lot of scratching heads and bloody knuckles, I really want …



We thought we should give DinoEvo a little bit more personality and wanted to add our national flag to the front to …

German l300 Sales Brochure

Beside the Japanes accessory catalogue I also found a German sales brochure I wanna share with you guys. It was the first …


Happy 100.000

Our van is now official broken in. :) After our last little road/camping-trip DinoEvo made it over the 100,000 km mark. Hopefully …

Factory Accessories Catalogue

Beside old photos of l300s, I also found a original factory accessories catalogue. It’s really entertaining to see all this fancy and …

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Rebuilt Struts

Rebuilt Struts

One of the most common problems on a 15 years old Delica is the weak tail gate strut. Specially if you add …

Bought a Engel MT35 fridge. Big heavy beast. Start thinking more and more about the interior. # Just uploaded tons of inspiration … → 30/06/2010

New Gauges

Pyrometer & Boost Gauge

To know a little bit better what’s going on inside the engine I installed a pyrometer (for the exhaust gas temperature) and …

Pressure Valve Blocker

One temporarily downside of the snorkel was the constantly releasing of the pressure valve under load. That had to be fixed. I …

Abenteuer & Allrad Teaser

Abenteuer & Allrad Germany

A few weeks went by without any work on our van as we went to Germany to Europe’s largest 4×4 and camping …

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