Off-Road through the Paracas Desert

We had a great time going off the beaten path in Peru. One of our most favourite area was the Paracas National Reserve, South of Lima. An endless stretch of huge sand dunes and Limestone formation next to the ocean. Filled up with enough water, food and fuel, we drove around for days and absorbed the unreal landscape. Below a short video of what we experienced.

Off-Road in Central and South America

Every time you go off the trodden tourist track you can be sure to have some interesting and challenging surprises to manage. Specially if you travel by car through unknown territory and countries with poor infrastructure. Enjoy a short video of selected off-road scenes from our road trip through the Americas. After we explored a bone-dry desert in Peru, it is now time to go deep in the jungle of Central & South America and play in the mud.

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The 22 months road trip along the Pan-American Highway is over and a new part of our life has already started. After the digestion of all memories we went through thousands of photos and came up with a selection of great artwork. They are getting reproduced on different materials; from framed art prints, mobile devices cases to throw pillows. We produce them using only the highest quality materials, and ship it world-wide to your door.
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Dakar Rally

Dakar Rally – The ultimate off-road race

In light of recent events, I want to share a new photo gallery with you guys. On our trip through the America we had the opportunity to watch the Dakar Rally a couple times in Chile. A great event for every car, bike, truck and off-road enthusiast. The footage you see on TV doesn’t do justice to show how hard actually this race is. So watching it live was a fantastic experience we won’t forget anytime soon.

Enjoy the gallery with tons of photos.

For Sale Sign

Time To Say Goodbye

After almost two years on the road, our trip through the Americas is coming slowly to an end. The near future is going to bring some big changes for us and unfortunately we can not keep our beloved expedition vehicle. The van is in great shape (beside a few cosmetic …

Wiring Diagram Preview

Wiring Diagram

A very helpful document throughout the entire project was a proper wiring diagram. The quality of the printouts and handbooks I found so far are pretty bad, so I made my own high-resolution version which gives the option to zoom in and follow the wires closely. The type is still …

Camping Table

Camping Table

As it came down to choose a table we take along we had the same requirements as for most of our camping equipment: as durable as possible and very easy to set up. This already ruled out most of the common roll-up/collapsible tables you can buy at your next camping …

LED Interior Lights

LED Interior Lights

Quite a few people asked me how I solved the interior light. First of all, every illumination is done with LEDs as the power consumption/light output ratio is unbeatable. Also gone are the days where you can only find unpleasant cold-white LEDs. Instead I went with comfortable looking warm-white or …

Door Holder

Hatch Door Holder

We knew, we are going to drive through some serious hot/humid environments, so coming up with a good plan for ventilation during the night was essential. I already modified the side panels to pop out as well as a 12v fan is installed inside, but to have a proper draft …

Shock Absorber

New Shock Absorber

Last but not least our suspension got new shocks from ProComp. The ES9000 are nitrogen gas charged with a twin tube design and 10 stage velocity sensitive valving. They are a little bit stiffer than the ones we had before, but with DinoEvo fully loaded on our trip they are …

Amp Meter

Amp Hour Meter

To get more information about how our auxiliary battery is doing, we installed a DOC Wattson RV & Marine Battery Monitor and …

Air Compressor

Air Compressor

Having a reliable source for compressed air was a necessary topic we need to solve. First, I air-down the tires when we …

Fresh Water System

Fresh Water System

At our last visit of the Abenteuer & Allrad Overland Expo in Germany we found some interesting ways of how other travellers …

Thank You!

After 1.5 years, hundreds of hours, many many late nights and a lot of scratching heads and bloody knuckles, I really want …

Sleeping Platform

Sleeping Platform

Lets talk about the most complex single project during our camper conversion. The main cabinet. It took about 6 month from the …

Fire extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher

One safety item I don’t want to miss in a car is a fire extinguisher. Unfortunately all the products I found in …

Storage Curtains

Storage Curtains

As you know we took two of our side windows out and replaced them with something more solid. Step two of this …

Rust Proofing

Rust Proofing

As we bought DinoEvo in Japan it had absolute no rust. Not a single spot. Quite unusual for a 15+ year old …



We thought we should give DinoEvo a little bit more personality and wanted to add our national flag to the front to …

German l300 Sales Brochure

Beside the Japanes accessory catalogue I also found a German sales brochure I wanna share with you guys. It was the first …