Differential Breather Extension

Diff Breather
After adding a snorkel the next step to make our van ready for deep puddles was to extend the front- and rear differential breather. The rear was pretty straight forward as it has already a hose attached which goes directly in one of the subframe cross members. So I took the old hose off and extended it with a 1/4 ID fuel hose to the inside of the van. The front was a little bit more tricky as it has some kind of valve cap attached to a plastic fitting. One option would be to take it out and cut a thread into the differential housing. I didn’t want to risk any metal shavings in the diff, so I cam up with another solution. I found a small barb brass fitting which was a perfect fit for the hole. To make sure everything is really water tight a neoprene gasket as well as silicone was added. The extension hose goes above the radiator with an return loop.