Electrical Work

A few electrical projects got done over the last week with the kind help of a friend.

Hella Supertones
Photo by subimods.com

Usually, I don’t use the horn that often, but if I have to, it should make an impact. The stock horn was just way to wimpy for this purpose, but I also didn’t wanted to add additional stuff for an air horn to make it crazy loud. Therefore we changed it out to Hella Supertones.* What a difference!

One step to a better electrical management for the auxiliary stuff was to get a proper fuse block. The marine industry has some nice options like the Blue Sea ST Blade Block* which we installed in one of the side panels where the rear AC/heater controls used to live. It’s connected to the IBS dual battery system in the engine compartment.

You can never have enough 12v outlets. Unfortunately there was only one on the dashboard. So we installed a second one with heavier gauge cables next to it. The outlet goes straight to the fuse block and therefore is connected to the second battery. It’s great to charge up stuff and not to worry about your starter battery.

Oh by the way. This little 12v rechargeable torch you see in the picture is from Spotlight. Very handy and pretty bright for the size.