Front Skid Plate

We already had a skid plate on the lower front of DINO to protect the main radiator and fan. It worked well and resisted quite a bit abuse on our off-road trip. Therefore I thought we should keep it and mount the same on DINOEVO. Well, it was not that easy as I thought. For any unknown reason the area where the skid plate is mounted looks different between an automatic Delica and a manual 5spd. So some modification had to be done to make it fit.

Skid Plate
First you have to bend the two lower brackets roughly 110 degree and cut the side with the hole off. Also you need to cut a little bit from the right side of the skid plate to clear the mounting brackets of the front bull bar. Then take the top deflector shield off and mount two long bolts in the same holes from the shield. Mark where the bolts hit the skid plate and drill two holes.
Now use three nuts per bolt to keep the skit plate in place and drill two holes in the lower black sheet metal on the Delica. Use a couple more bolts and lock nuts and you are done.
I hope the following photos makes it a little bit more clear.