HID Fog Lights

HID Fog Lights
This was really a hard decision. Way too many good fog lights out there, but in the end the Lightforce Striker 170 HID* made it onto the bull bar. Main reason: Very light weight, low energy consumption (just 35W/3amp each), high-power light output, different lenses (wide beam, combo, spot), very good reviews and apparently good customer support.

At the beginning I thought two lights would be enough, but once I saw how nice three lights would actually fit, there was no way back. Unfortunately Lightforce just sells them in a set, so I bought a box for myself and shared one with a good friend.
Unlike normal lights you have quite a bit of electrical stuff (igniter and ballast) to hide with three lights. At the beginning we thought to hide everything inside the van, but apparently you are not allowed to cut the cables, so everything had to be mounted outside. I went to the Metal Supermarkets and found a nice piece of perforated aluminum, cut it in the right shape and built two little covers to hide the cables on each side. It also worked great to secure everything with tie straps on it. After screwing it to the light mount, the ballasts were hidden behind the left indicator light. The lights are secured with special lock-nuts which hopefully protects them against thieves.

I’m very happy with the outcome of the whole bull bar. Everything looks how I had it in my mind. I haven’t got time to try the lights properly, but I already can tell you one thing. They are fricking bright.

Thanks again to my friend Jay for the support on this project!