Interior Panels & Headliner

Wood Panels
We didn’t really like the stock plastic interior panels. Also after I took the first panel off, I realized how much space was wasted behind it. So everything had to come out. As the interior is going to be our bedroom, living room and kitchen at once, we wanted something nicer and more comfortable. Wood was our first choice, but I didn’t want to add a lot more extra weight compare to the stock panels. After looking around I couldn’t find the right wood, till I talked again to Glenn from Vurv who already gave me a hand for the side windows. He had some 5’x5′ ⅛ Baltic Birch panels which are perfect for this kind of application. To give the panels a good protection, I stained them with Behr Outdoor Stain and finished is with a clear coat. After cutting them in the right shape I glued a layer of ¼ Neoprene on the back and attached them with finishing screws to the van.

The headliner was a little bit more complicated to mount as the wood panels had to be bent and pushed into the roof shape. First the old headliner came out, then I clued multiple layers of insulation to the roof and mounted the panels with the help of a friend in an overlapping pattern to the cross beams. Only two small seams are left which will be covered with LED stripes as our interior light. All in all we are very happy how the panels turned out.