Found it

Owning a Mitsubishi Delica for almost two years and being an active club member of gave us enough information to know the exact configuration we want for our second l300.

  • High-roof
  • No Crystal-Lights (glass in the roof)
  • 5spd manual
  • Low mileage (under 100k km)
  • No rust and very good mechanical conditions
  • ’94 model (with water-cooled turbo, fast glow plugs)
  • Winter package (more powerful alternator)
  • Limited Slip Differential
  • White Colour

After searching the web, local dealers and Japanese auctions up and down with no luck we got a very interesting offer from Mark at Brave Auto International. After he sent us over a bunch of photos and having an inspection done we decided to go for it. His Delica with 87k km just met perfectly all our requirements and had even a lift, roof rack, additional lights as well as a ladder. So let me introduce DINOEVO: