Pyrometer & Boost Gauge

New Gauges
To know a little bit better what’s going on inside the engine I installed a pyrometer (for the exhaust gas temperature) and a boost pressure gauge. As location I decided to go right behind the steering wheel. This dead spot is perfect for two pods. I also wanted to keep the look similar to the stock dashboard, so the VDO gauges (from Summit Racing) seems to fit perfectly with their analog, black look and the green illumination.
The temperature sensor for the EGT was already installed a while ago, so I just had to wire up the gauges and hook up the vacuum line. We took the power from the radio and the ash-try light which was the closed and most easiest route. I’m quite happy with the outcome. The gauges (specially the pyro) will help to prevent any major engine failure due wrong driving.

A few tips:

  • Make sure you get the right pod for your gauge, even if the diameter is the same, the length various widely.
  • For the Delica a boost gauge up to 20psi is plenty. If you take a gauge with a larger scale you wont notice that much movement
  • A pyro with a scale up to 1400°F is enough.
  • Full mechanical boost pressure gauges tend to have a little silent whistle sound if you back off, which could get annoying if don’t mount it in a sealed pod.

p.s.: Sorry for not taking any photos from the install. I forgot the camera. Also if you want to read more about pyro and boost gauges on Delicas, check out this thread on the Canadian Forum.