Window Replacement

Window Replacement
The first step to a better insulation for our van was to get rid off unnecessary windows. In our old l300 we had almost all the time the curtains closed on the driver side panel windows, so I thought this time we take the windows out completely and close it off. Unfortunately the windows are not straight which makes it not very easy to replace them. First idea was to have it done by a body shop, but after contacting a couple, it turned out as a expensive and not very satisfying option. The second idea came from a friend at Vurv Design Studio who does some beautiful furnitures with all kinds of curves and bends in it. He suggested to vacuum press wood onto the actual window to get exactly the shape we wanted.
That’s what we end up doing last weekend. I took the tint off and the windows out. We cut three sheets for each window. Two pieces of white melamine veneer as well as one sheet of plywood. Glued them together and packed them with the window on top into a heavy-duty bag. The machine did its job over the next few hours and kept everything tight in a vacuum.
Meanwhile I took the rubber seals out and cleaned everything well. The rubber was not in the best shape so I treated it with ACDelco Silicone Emulsion and brought it back to live. Also one of the common spots for rust on l300s is just below the side windows (assuming you don’t have sliders) The windows sagging over the time and hitting the body panel. So I treaded the spots and repainted the area.
After the windows came out of the press, we had to cut them to shape and drill the holes for the mounts. To make the new panels completely waterproof the edges got closed off with oil based paint. After everything was dry the new “windows” went back in.

Thanks again Glenn for your help! I’m really lucky to be part of such a great Delica community in Vancouver.