Thank You!

After 1.5 years, hundreds of hours, many many late nights and a lot of scratching heads and bloody knuckles, I really want to say thank you to a few of my friends who helped out on this project. Without them this van wouldn’t be as awesome and tricked out as it is.

My special thanks goes to Jay who is a great mentor and the biggest helping hand on this project. Mr. Electric showed off all his skills and his profession in the boating industry made DinoEvo almost an amphibious vehicle :)

Thank you Rich for your wood working skills, ideas and the time I could use your shop. The cabinet turned out fantastic.

Thanks to Butch the owner of CVI for his help, knowledge and the time I could use his shop.

Thanks to my friend David for his hospitality, tools and all his great help to pull off our road trip as well as being the supporting trip member back home :)

Thank you Jesse for sharing your knowledge and ideas on this project.

There are many other people out there I had contact with to bounce off ideas and ask questions via email. Thanks for your effort and replies. Also thank you to all the members of the different forums around the globe who took their time to reply to my questions.