March digest from Twitter.

  • Finally found high performance rotors, brakepads and stainless steel brake lines. Cant wait to get the front brake job done. #
  • Air box is at the welding shop. Bigger and shorter pipes for more air from the snorkel to the engine. Of course with K&N air filter. #
  • Great collection of tutorials how to fix things on a l300 #
  • Why is it so bloody difficult to get a speedo gear for an l300? Does anybody have the right part number? #
  • Great interactive YouTube game for car nerds. (via @asaphelps) #
  • We had our last trip with DINO. Preparing it for sale. Tune-up and detailing at CVI. #
  • 681 days traveling through Central- and South-America with an high roof l300. Great website with useful tips #
  • Got a used lower control arm for $75 today. Not too bad. Still waiting for the bushings. #
  • Found an used left lower control arm including camber bolts for a fair price. Combined with new bushings it hopefully solves the problem. #
  • Can anybody recommend a brand for brake pads and rotors? Don’t mind to spend a little bit more if the quality is accordingly. #
  • Looking forward to work on the project tonight. Maybe I can get parts of the snorkel install done. #
  • What a nice photo collection of old Mitsubishi Delica l300s #
  • Another successful night. Stereo and skid plate installed. Snorkel project started, speedo gear removed, new exhaust measured. #
  • Any idea which speedo gear is the right one for 285/85R16 tires? #
  • Great diary about a long road trip on the Pan American Hwy with a VW Golf #
  • Just came back from the garage. Got quite a bit of work done. Manual hubs are installed. #
  • Superwinch Locking Hubs installed – #

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