Additional Door Locks

Door Locks
Just from looking at the wimpy stock door locks as well as the experience from other travellers, I decided to add some proper locks on each door. After researching what other people have done and what’s available I ordered the cargo van hasps* as well as three keyed-alike puck locks.* The hasp was too large and the wrong colour to fit nicely on the outside of the van, which was easily solved with a grinder and paint. Mounting the hasps was more challanging though as there is just a very small sweet spot where you actually can mount them. Tighten these bolts was a pain and took forever as the available space was really tight. Overall I’m happy how well everything blends in.

Another small “security-feature” is now the tamper proof bolts for the front- and rear licence plate.

There is still a lock on the trunk door missing as the hasp system doesn’t work there. Also another project will be the protection for each window. I have already something in my mind, so stay tuned…