Headlight Protection

Headlight Protection
Unfortunately the headlights of a post ’89 Delica are not common on this side of the planet, so buying a replacement lens/housing on our trip is not an option (or really expensive). Therefore I wanted to protect them as good as possible against any stones and other stuff which could crack the glass.
I bought two small sheets of Lexan Margard and cut it to the shape of the headlight. Apparently Margard is very scratch and break resistant and gets usually used for security windows. Bending the sheet was tricky though as the Margard coating did not cooperate with the heat gun and created little visible bubbles. Note for next time: Don’t use Margard or don’t do any bends :)
Three out of the four mounting spots were straight forward, but unfortunately there is no access (beside removing the dashboard) to the upper center body panel. We had to use “Nutserts” instead which are basically pop rivets with a thread inside to solve this problem.
The Lexan sheets are mounted with stainless steel hardware and can be easily removed for cleaning or when a road officer complains.

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