Time To Say Goodbye

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After almost two years on the road, our trip through the Americas is coming slowly to an end. The near future is going to bring some big changes for us and unfortunately we can not keep our beloved expedition vehicle.

The van is in great shape (beside a few cosmetic scars) and served us very well over the last few years. We professionally built it from the ground up, invested well over US$ 30k and a year of work to make it to one of a kind expedition van in its category.

There is almost no rust as it has never seen salt in the winter. Compare to other vehicles it is also very economical and it is no problem at all to find spare parts in the Americas. With the low range gear box, four-wheel-drive and the compact outside dimensions we went everywhere we want and the Turbo-Diesel helped a lot to save on fuel.

Having instant hot water for a shower (or washing dishes) and an interior heater made a huge difference in the cold climate. The extra tank for Diesel gave us the opportunity to drive far into the wild where no fuel was available. Of course a reliable compressor fridge saved us the day in the hot climate. Interior space is plenty to dwell during bad weather.

We are selling the van as a complete travelling package. That means everything (beside our personal belongings) is included. From tons of spare parts, a full box of tools, recovery gear, to the entire camping equipment and kitchen supplies. All you need is your backpack and you can start your trip of a lifetime as well.

Our trip is going to end around May/June 2013 in Chile or Argentina. We are still flexible and would adjust our plans to the arrival time/location of the new owner.

Check out the modification page to see a full list of all the work we have done to the van.

– SOLD –

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