LED Flood Light

LED Interior Lights
Due the lack of interior light from the roof insulation project I went on and installed a Vision X LED utility flood light* right beside the sliding door. Initially I wanted to mount in on the roof rack as this light is also water proof, but decided against it. It should work as a interior light when a lot of light is needed (like packing, cleaning or finding stuff) as well as a flood light for the area in front of the sliding door for camping. I built the bracket in way so it also can be used for outside when the door is closed, to keep the bugs out. Right now it’s hooked up to the sliding door mechanism, which turns the light on when the door opens. With 500 lumens output and 120° wide angle beam pattern it emits a spread out, very bright light, but is too bright to use it all the time inside. Once the ceiling is finished, I’ll add some smaller LED accent lights to have a more dimmed environment.

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