Rebuilt Struts

Rebuilt Struts
One of the most common problems on a 15 years old Delica is the weak tail gate strut. Specially if you add on a ladder, the back door comes done quite easily and sometimes doesn’t stay open at all (in the cold). Apparently these stock struts are from very good quality, so it makes more sense to recondition them than to buy new.
I heard nothing but good about Frank from Strut Wise in Langley who brings all sorts of struts back to life and even builds them from scratch to your specs.
Meeting him was already a pleasure. It seems he is one of the few guys left who understand a real workmanship. No wonder people from around the world sending him their struts. After I picked my rebuilt struts up I was very satisfied with the outcome. They looked brand new and worked like it as well. He even made them stronger than the stock struts was. Well worth the money.

One tip for new l300 owners: Check the lower bracket of the struts. If you read the “E/N” upside right you are all set. If its upside down take both struts off, swap sides and rotate the lower bracket. It will give you an extra few inches when you open the door. You head will like it :)

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