Speedometer Gear

Speedometer Gear
With the 32″ tires (235/85R16) you notice quite a bit of a difference (roughly 10% slower speedometer) between your actual speed and the shown speed on you dashboard. I found that quite inconvenient and confusing specially when you try to measure certain distances with your odometer on logging roads.
To solve this problem you need to change the gear where the speedometer cable meets the transfer case. I knew the standard gear has 27 teeth. To get the correct amount of teeth for your tires you need to measure with an GPS the difference from your actual speed and the speedometer speed. Take this number as percentage and you know the correct speedo gear.

For example:
Speedometer reads 100km/h, but my actual speed is 113km/h ≈ 13%
Speedometer reads 50km/h, but my actual speed is 55km/h ≈ 10%
11.5% of 27 teeth ≈ 3
27 – 3 = 24 teeth

In my case 24 teeth is just fine. The speedometer goes 2-5km/h ahead which is perfect to not get a speeding ticket :)
Finding the right part number was not easy, because none of the importers could guarantee the correct fit. I was lucky and everything went smooth and the installation was easy. Here are the numbers I found out:

23 = MD 705463
24 = MD 705464
25 = MD 705465
26 = MD 705466
27 = MD 705467

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