Tire Mount

Roof Rack Tire Mount
As the tire size went up on DinoEvo, the spare wheel didn’t fit in the original spot under the van anymore. Also the area is now used for an additional Diesel tank.
I was thinking about to do a rear bumper swing-away tire carrier, but decided against it for several reasons. It is very crucial for us to have easy and quick access to the trunk door. Opening the tire carrier several times a day would have been annoying. Another reason was the overall added weight of a heavy steel bumper. Sure, it would add more protection, but adding a couple hundred pounds just to carrier a tire wouldn’t be smart with the overall already limited payload. Therefore the spare tire went on the roof. Not as good for weight distribution, but the lesser evil.
DinoEvo came with a light-bar on the roof, which I took off right away. Now I used parts of it again to make the structure for the tire mount. The design of the mount is pretty simple. I bought some heavy-duty aluminum rectangular tubing and bolted four of them with stainless steel hardware to the existing roof rack as well as the old light-bar crossmember. The tire itself is going to be tie-down as well as secured with a lock.

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