Bypass Oil Filter

Trabold Filter
It was time for another oil change so I used the opportunity to install a Trabold bypass oil filter and changed the oil to full synthetic Amsoil 15W40. The idea is not to change the oil and the regular oil filter for the next few years. Only the bypass filter needs to be changed every 15 – 20.000km and you should keep an eye on the oil level. Sounds pretty unreal, but do your research and you will see there are lots of real life proofs out there including the over 20 years successful history of the Trabold GmbH in Germany. Many customers (most of the time big trucks and ships) run this filters for hundred of thousands kilometres without any problems. Of course I’m going to send the oil for analysis on a regular basis and make sure it’s still good, but I’m pretty confident the oil is going to last for a long time.
The installation is straight forward. All needed hardware is included in the kid. The filter picks up oil from the oil pressure switch and returns it right into the valve cover.

There are several reasons I went with this type of filter:

  • Less environmental impact due the extreme long oil change intervals
  • No hassle with oil change on long road trips
  • Less oil filters to take along on trips which opens up more room for other stuff
  • Saving money in the long run

If you are interested in one of this filters as well, contact EuVaTec near Seattle, WA. The owners are very helpful and I found they offer the best price too.

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