Tune up at CVI

Tune Up
DINOEVO spent some time at the shop of Butch and Edwin at CVI. This guys know Delicas inside out and are very reputable mechanics in Vancouver, BC. They mainly did the usual maintenance work after you imported a car from Japan. They replaced and worked on the following items:

  • Timing belt and tensioners
  • Water pump and thermostat
  • Drive belts
  • Re-cored radiator
  • Ultrasonic cleaned the injectors, adjusted valves (photo below)
  • Upper and lower stabilizer bushings
  • Oil & filter change
  • Front & rear differential fluids
  • Transfer case fluids
  • Manual transmission fluids
  • Fuel filter
  • Engine coolant
  • Greasing ball joints, tie rods and drive shaft

Probably some of the work are not entirely necessary right away, but I like to have a piece of mind if we are in the middle of nowhere.