Roof Rack, Fender Wells, Alignment and more…

An update on what we have worked on this week.

The Delica came with a pretty sweet and solid aluminum roof rack. Unfortunately some of the bolts were rusted quite badly, so we took it off cleaned it properly and replaced the hardware with stainless steel. Now everything is nice and shiny.
The light bar in the front came off too, but I don’t think I’ll put it back, because I rather get some strong off-road lights on the front push bar and maybe mount some additional lighting on the roof rack.

The rims offset are perfect, so the wheels are not sticking out of the fender wells. Therefore I took the fibreglass fender flares off and sold them to a fellow Delica owner. To get the maximum articulation without hitting metal I had to grind down the fender wells quite a bit though. After all this trimming we mounted the modified mud flaps back with some custom brackets.

My friend Jay likes to work on all the electrical stuff, so he discovered a few weird “spaghetti” wiring from the previous owner in Japan under the carpet and behind the dashboard. We want to start fresh, so he took almost everything out. Also the old batteries had to go too. He replaced it for now with a single Odyssey PC1400* to get not stranded in the next few month. More on this subject once we work on a proper dual battery set-up.

With way larger tires than stock we also need to go to an alignment shop. A few people recommended Dale’s Alignment in Langley. Off we went to them yesterday. Nice guys for sure with – as far as I can tell – professional 4-wheel laser alignment set-up.