February digest from Twitter.

  • Picked up an Odyssey starter battery http://twurl.nl/hhpazh as well as stainless steel hardware for the roof rack. #
  • Roof rack is back on the van. Now with stainless hardware. New battery is installed as well. #
  • Need to replace the control arm bushings and the camber bolts on the left side, otherwise they can’t get the alignment right :( #
  • New post about what we did on the project this week. – https://dinoevo.de/2010/02/roof-rack-mud-flaps-and-alignment/ #
  • WOW. I didn’t expect that many people are interested in the wiring diagram of a Mitsubishi Delica l300 http://is.gd/93SO3 #
  • Try to find a replacement for the big steering wheel. Looks like Grant does even have the right adapter for a l300 #

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