October digest from Twitter

  • Rear AC is out and give us now room to install more useful stuff. #
  • Updated the website. Including new photos and an archive: https://dinoevo.de/archive/ #
  • Just received the new lift blocks from http://www.oddballoffroad.com. Well done piece of work. #
  • So much fun to work on the interior layout. Hard to decide which of the options is best. #
  • Did a few updates to the website and also uploaded some fantastic historical photos of Mitsubishi Delicas:… #
  • What a piece of crap: http://ow.ly/2WGCp Build better domestic cars, so people don’t have to look somewhere else @CADA @Auto_Industry @ICBC #
  • A proof that @ICBC study about RHD leads to the wrong assumption http://ow.ly/2WN0Z #
  • Espar Diesel heater just arrived. Can’t wait to get the van ready for winter camping. #
  • More bodywork to do today. Closing off the driver side windows. #
  • Replaced driver side panel windows: http://ow.ly/2OdJu #
  • New Allradler magazine just made its way to our house. Funny to read the article about offroading in BC http://www.allradler.com #

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