Rear Leaf Springs

Due the age of the car the rear leaf springs as well as the shackle rubber bushings were already quite out of shape. Also the van came with 3″ casted iron lift blocks which I wanted to eliminate as good as possible.
I went and sourced brand new rubber bushings and got Jason from Odd Ball Offroad to make up two new smaller blocks (1.5″) with the right angle out of solid 6061 aluminum. A company (sorry, don’t want to mention their name as I was not very pleased with their service and pricing) re-ached the leaf springs and added one more leaf to prevent any sagging with heavier load. This process gave another 1.5″ lift, so the van was back to the perfect original height. Due some hiccups this project took a few weeks from start to finish, but now I’m really pleased with the outcome.

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