Hatch Door Holder

Door Holder
We knew, we are going to drive through some serious hot/humid environments, so coming up with a good plan for ventilation during the night was essential. I already modified the side panels to pop out as well as a 12v fan is installed inside, but to have a proper draft we needed a bigger opening. My idea was to open the hatch door to an extent that hard rain as well as theft is not a problem. Therefore I created a little bar that goes between the latch which is secured with a padlock. On the hatch side I used a carabiner to slide easier into the door lock. Locking all doors from inside with the central locking system also fully locks the carabiner. Mission accomplished.
In case mosquitoes and other little crawlers are around, we just use a regular mosquito net sold by the meter and magnets on the inside of the opening.

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