LED Interior Lights

LED Interior Lights
Quite a few people asked me how I solved the interior light. First of all, every illumination is done with LEDs as the power consumption/light output ratio is unbeatable. Also gone are the days where you can only find unpleasant cold-white LEDs. Instead I went with comfortable looking warm-white or natural-white LEDs in the wavelength between 4500K to 3000K.
In the cockpit I reused the stock light fixture and replaced the bulbs with ultra-bright Festoon LED bulbs.
In the living/sleeping area I installed two long strips of waterproof, flat LED rope lights along the seams of the headliner panels. These rope-lights are fantastic as they transmit a very nice and uniform light inside the entire van. They are bright enough for most applications, but in case we need extra powerful light we also have the flexible utility flood light.
When we are in bed and just need focused lights, we use two goose-neck lights above our heads. They are strong enough to read a book, but focused enough so you don’t disturb each other in case one want to sleep and the other not.
For our kitchen area in the back, there is a short strip of LED rope light on the bottom inside of the hatch, which gives plenty of light for cooking and sitting outside.
All lights are switchable separately and/or go automatically when the doors.

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